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Analysis of the material and characteristics of the protective film

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Analysis of the material and characteristics of the protective film

       The popularity of digital products makes the protective film widely used in the field of electronic products, and the protective film has slowly become a general term for screen protective film. In fact, the application field of protective film is not only the surface of electronic products, but also the surface of metal products, coated metal products, plastic products, automotive products, signage products, profiles and other product surfaces. Functionally speaking, the protective film is to put a layer of film outside the physical items that we want to protect.

       After years of development, the protective film materials from the earliest PP materials to today's popular AR materials, slowly accepted by the majority of users. AR anti-reflection film, AG scrub anti-reflection film, mobile phone mirror film, PET HD anti-scratch film and other functional protective films are now on the market. Let's take a look at the material and characteristics of the protective film:

PETAlso called polyester film. It is characterized by a relatively hard texture and relatively scratch-resistant, and the general PET protective film relies on electrostatic adsorption, which is relatively easy to foam and fall off, but even if it is dropped in clean water, it can be reused.
ARAR is a synthetic material, generally divided into three layers, silica gel for the adsorption layer, PET for the middle layer, the outer layer for the special treatment layer, the special treatment layer is generally divided into two kinds, AG treatment layer and HC treatment layer, AG is anti-glare treatment, grinding type protective film is the use of this treatment. The price is more expensive than PET material.
PEThe main raw material is LLDPE, which is soft and has certain stretchability. PE material protective film project there are electrostatic film, mesh film and so on.
OPPFrom the appearance, it is closer to PET protective film, its hardness is larger, and it has a certain flame retardant, but its paste effect is poor, and it is rarely used in the general market.
OCAOCA material protective film is produced in Japan, which is now the most used on Apple mobile phones, its brightness and hardness are better than other materials, so OCA is now the most popular material for mobile phone protective film.
PPThe first protective film on the market, the chemical name is polypropylene, does not have any adsorption capacity, generally use glue to stick, tear off will leave a glue mark on the screen for a long time will corrode the screen.

       When producing protective film, there are several points to pay attention to in the choice of materials. First of all, on the basis of meeting customer requirements, choose materials that are more suitable for printing and die-cutting, such as good scratch resistance, good ink adhesion, and not easy to ink. The material of our commonly used mobile phone screen protective film is mainly PET protective film at present. Mobile phone protective film seems simple, the process is not complex, but each link requirements are more strict. In general, we must pay attention to cleanliness, avoid bending, scratching and scratching of the protective film, these details determine the grade of the protective film.

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