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Degradable Materials PCR Release Film

PCR recycling of environmentally friendly materials refers to the process of sorting, crushing, cleaning, processing, and producing plastic products produced after daily consumption, known as Post Consumer Recycling (PCR). This concept was proposed and certified by the Control Union World Group, mainly to promote resource recycling, turn waste into treasure, and reduce carbon emissions.
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  • PCR Release Film


Product name: QPCR pressure-sensitive film-coiled material
Product size: Customizable
Product packaging: carton
Working temperature: - 20-120 ºC
Installation temperature: normal temperature
Product advantages: the initial viscosity is very low, and the viscosity after pressure is very strong, which is easy to use. It does not stick to gloves, and is suitable for automatic cutting and sealing machine.
Product use: suitable for fluorescence quantitative PCR detection, with high optical clarity and no spontaneous fluorescence.
Product features:
1. QPCR pressure-sensitive membrane is suitable for qualitative PCR; The CT value detected by PCR was stable.
2. Polypropylene (PP) film, medical-grade adhesive, pollution-free.
3. No DNase, RNase, DNA, endotoxin, PCR inhibitor and heat source pollution;

Product name RPET(PCR) sheet roll
Color Transparent or Customized
Features Provide customized anti-fog, scratch-resistant, anti-static, conductive, high-barrier properties, single-sided frosted, double-sided frosted, high-temperature resistance, or other features.
Package Inner layer with protective film packaging + outer layer of kraft paper packaging + highly customized plastic pallets according to cabinet requirements + well-shaped fixing belt + outer layer with stretch film



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