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Heart staff Rui Hua technology held a warm heart birthday party

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Heart staff Rui Hua technology held a warm heart birthday party

At 6pm on July 24, Ruihua Technology held a warm birthday party for the employees whose birthday was in July. President Ding Qiaoyi delivered a speech to send blessings to the birthday singers, so that everyone felt the warmth from the company and the collective.

Under the auspices of the assistant president, the employees also played some small games, the scene atmosphere was extremely active, laughter was full of ears, and everyone's inner joy and joy were overflowing.


The birthday candles are lit and everyone sings the birthday song to express their wishes for each other's birthday


Everyone played happily at the birthday party

Time is short, but love is forever. A small birthday party reflects Ruihua Technology's deep care for employees and conveys the power of love. Ruihua Technology's corporate culture will lead employees to unite as one and strive to meet the new era belonging to everyone.

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