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Release film - an integral part of OCA optical adhesive

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Release film - an integral part of OCA optical adhesive

OCA optical adhesive, also known as OCA optical transparent adhesive, is a kind of optical double-sided adhesive tape composed of optical acrylic adhesive made of a substrate free film on both sides.

The composition and structure of OCA optical adhesive are as follows:


OCA optical adhesive composition description:

1, the upper release film and the lower release film (due to the different release force with optical colloid, generally known as light release film and heavy release film). Due to the use of optical adhesive, the upper and lower two layers of release film are matched with optical grade release film, which has a much higher light transmittance than the general release film. In terms of the thickness of the upper and lower layers of optical grade release film, the general thickness of the upper release film (light release film) is 50um, 75um, and the lower release film (heavy release film) has several different thickths such as 75um and 100um.

2, optical colloid, its main material is optical acrylic glue (or acrylic optical glue), light transmittance of up to 99%. Due to its different applications have different thicknesses: 75um, 100um, 125um, 150um, 175um, 200um, 250um and so on.

The OCA release film developed and produced by Ruihua Technology has been recognized and praised by many domestic OCA coating manufacturers. Its PET base film generally uses Lucai LUCKY's optically grade high permeability original film, and some choose TORAY Toray or DUPONT and other imported base films according to the special requirements of OCA coating manufacturers. At present, most of the domestic OCA release film still relies on imported NIPPA release film, and the procurement cost is high and the supply is also unstable. In response to the urgent need to solve the tight supply and demand relationship of OCA release film, Ruihua Technology has been committed to the development and production of OCA release film since the beginning of 2014 to solve the domestic supply problem.


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