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Ruihua Technology organized the first basketball game of 2018

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Ruihua Technology organized the first basketball game of 2018

              On the afternoon of June 30th, with the whistle of the referee, the first basketball game of Ruihua Technology in 2020 officially kicked off. This game is divided into two teams: red and black. Everyone competes fiercely for the ball, dribbles quickly, passes cleverly, and shoots beautifully, each showing their skills. The competition was very exciting and occasionally received cheers from the off-site audience.

             At the beginning of the game, the red team had the upper hand, while the black team members worked hard to catch up. Actively attacking, fiercely defending, clever steals, and fast-paced attacks, never miss any chance to score. Everyone sweat and showcase themselves. Finally, the red team won the game with a score of 40:29.


            This exciting basketball game has allowed employees to relax both physically and mentally during their busy work, enhanced their collective sense of honor, and also stimulated the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to dare to work hard and compete for the first place. Ruihua Technology organizes basketball games to improve the physical quality of employees, enhance friendship between employees, build a communication platform for employees, promote employees to form a positive attitude towards work and life, and maintain the cohesion and Centripetal force force of the staff.

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