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What are the quality problems of the release film?

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What are the quality problems of the release film?

Recently received a lot of friends to consult, want to know what quality problems the release film will have. We know that as a manufacturing industry, it is inevitable to encounter quality problems, the most important thing is to understand the problem, so as to solve the problem. After we know what quality problems will occur in the release film, we can better control the quality of the release film. What are the quality problems of the release film? The following Rui Hua technology to share with you.

First, the release film surface scratch

The scratch quality problem of the release film surface is manifested as the smooth surface of the film material is scratched, forming a fine groove line, and a bright line can be observed by reflecting light. Film surface scratch can be divided into large area scratch and intermittent scratch.

1, there are three reasons for large area scratching: ① may be the guide roller does not turn. ② The tension is too small, the speed is slow. ③ Unknown objects directly contact the film surface (such as: the correction device falls, etc.)

2, there are two reasons for intermittent scratching: ① oven belt aging damage. ② There are foreign bodies on the guide roller.

Second, the release film surface is dirty

The surface of the film material has colloidal particles, foreign bodies, etc., which is characterized by erasable. The quality problem of the release film can be checked and analyzed from the following aspects: the guide roll or the press roll is dirty and not clean; The filter in the oven is not clean; Workshop 5S is not done.

Three, the release film winding is not complete

The uneven winding of the release film is manifested as the uneven end face after the winding, and the general end face protrudes ≤5mm. There are several reasons for the uneven quality of the release film: correction failure; Insufficient or uninflated tube; Poor paper tube (deflection or impression during winding); The pressure shaft is unbalanced or the pressure shaft is unstable; Guide roller is not level; The winding tension is too small.

Four, release film surface white fog

The film surface of the release film showed white cloud spots. The quality of the white fog on the release film surface generally has the following reasons: the main agent or solvent is polluted; Coating head humidity is too high; After the product is out of the oven, the hot air is discharged to produce water steam.

Five, release film film surface white spots

The release film has white particle points on the surface of the film, which is characterized by non-erasable. The white spots on the film surface of the release film are caused by the long production time of the coating head rubber tank and not timely cleaning of the colloidal particles; Oven and guide roller are not clean; Filter rod import and export direction is wrong; There is a foreign body in the solvent (filter cloth when using the solvent).

Six, the release film appears rainbow pattern

Optical refraction and reflection produce colorful colors. There are two reasons for the rainbow pattern of the release film: the original film has a slight rainbow pattern; Improper product formulation ratio.

These are the six major quality problems that will occur in the release film, and we understand the reasons for the problem, so as to solve the problem. Shenzhen Ruihua Coating Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. The company has 10000 grade clean coating workshop and equipped with a number of high-performance rewinding and slitter equipment, specializing in the production and sales of various PET release materials, to provide customers with quality products and services.

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