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What is foam tape used for?

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What is foam tape used for?

There are many netizens who do not know the use of foam tape, today Ruihua technology to talk about the relevant knowledge of foam tape. Foam tape is made of pe foam or eva as the base material, acrylic oil pressure sensitive adhesive, and release paper or release film as the isolation surface.

In order to know what purpose the foam tape has, we first have to understand what characteristics the foam tape has. The advantages of foam tape are many, and its sealing and damping effect is very good, which makes it widely used in various industrial fields.

The above knowledge, for people outside the industry, may be difficult to understand. But in fact, the use of foam tape in the home environment and office environment is very common, for example, we want to paste photos on the wall, posters, mirrors, etc., the use of foam tape.

Let's talk about the characteristics of foam tape:

1. Foam tape is soft, so it has excellent anti-seismic, anti-compression and anti-deformation capabilities. This feature allows the foam tape to prevent gas atomization and release outwards, thus playing a protective role.

2. Foam tape is flame retardant and will not corrode accessories, equipment, metals and other objects.

3. The adhesive property of foam tape is strong and durable, and it is not affected by factors such as time and temperature.

These properties of foam tape can form protection for items and avoid the impact and impact of the external environment. Especially in the field of seismic, corrosion resistance, sealing requirements are relatively high, the use of foam tape is very large.

In general, foam tape is widely used because it can fully absorb the void of the adhesive body and overcome the uneven defects of the adhesive body, has good cushioning, excellent creep resistance, and can withstand long-term load. At present, foam tape is widely used in mechanical parts, electronic and electrical products, mobile phone accessories, all kinds of small household appliances, computers and peripheral equipment, auto parts, medical instruments, industrial instruments, audio and video equipment, shelf display, home decoration, acrylic glass, shock-proof packaging and other fields.

These are the uses of foam tape, I hope to help you.

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