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Special Release Film For Explosion-Proof Film 0.075mm Release Film 10-20g

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Product Model

R704T (C) ---- stands for "75u optical-grade transparent release film (10-20g/in)."

Product Composition

This release film is made of optical-grade PET (polyester film) as the base material and coated with silicone oil release agent on one side.

Special release film for AB adhesive coating - structure diagram

Product Characteristics

1. The release stability is good, the release force fluctuation is small, and it is easy to peel after long-term use;

2. High cleanliness for production and processing in a thousand-class purification environment;

3. The appearance is free of scratches, good flatness, orange peel, wrinkles, dirt and crystal spots;

4. The residual adhesion rate is high (≥ 90%), and there is little silicon transfer, which has no impact on the performance of the bonding material and no pollution.

Product Specification

1. Width: 1070mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

2. Length: 200-4000m (slitting and rewinding according to customer requirements)

3. Inner diameter of coil core (paper tube or plastic tube): 3 inches (76.2 mm) or 6 inches (152.4 mm)

Scope Of Application

Special release film for explosion-proof film used for toughened glass protective sticker, transparent with strong impact resistance

Exhibit 2 of transparent release film

Product Packaging

1. Products are generally packed in cartons and wooden pallets

2. Each box of products has a shipping label, and each pallet has a product list

3. It can also be packaged according to the customer agreement


1. Static electricity may be generated during unwinding or rewinding during use. The electrostatic layer will damage the release layer and lead to poor peeling. If necessary, anti-static treatment can be carried out on the back or static elimination equipment can be used to eliminate static electricity.

2. In order to obtain the best use effect, it is recommended to use this product within 6 months from the purchase date;

3. It must be retested before use after expiration;

4. Recommended storage conditions: avoid direct sunlight, store under the indoor ambient temperature of 25 ºC ± 2 ºC and humidity of 60% ± 10%.

5. When using this product, please fully study whether the purpose (purpose, condition) is suitable or not in advance, and decide whether the product conforms to its standard by yourself. The content beyond the specification cannot be guaranteed

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